Thursday, February 02, 2006

"Ladies all want to know: Why don't men listen?"

Ladies all want to know: Why don't men listen?

"According to relationship therapist Karen Allen-Burke PhD, that's women's number- one complaint about their husbands. So here's how to get their attention! We found these tips in Woman's World magazine.

Try sitting strategically. Men perceive face to face interaction as threatening. It automatically makes them want to run. Instead, when you have something you really want your husband to hear, sit beside him. When men aren't forced to make eye contact, they're more likely to open up. Eye contact makes a guy feel too vulnerable. Another way to get a guy to listen - you gotta turn off the TV. Men don't multitask as well as women do. That's according to Dr. Marianne Legato, the author of "Why Men Never Remember and Women Never Forget". She says you'll only get a man's full attention when there isn't something else around to distract him. Women also need to simplify their message to get through to men. Men listen with the logistical right side of their brains. That's the practical side. It makes them great at comprehending step by step details. So when you have something to say, lay out the facts - without unnecessary details. And one last tip to help women communicate better with men - talk faster. The average man can process up to 600 words per minute - while the average woman speaks only 125 to 150 words per minute. That leaves guys a lot of room to daydream and mentally checkout while you're talking. So get the info out quickly and precisely and the man in your life will get the message."

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