Sunday, September 10, 2006

"America's #1 Cleaning Expert"

Do you know who "America's #1 Cleaning Expert" is?

Apparently, it is Don Aslett! After watching his absolutely hilarious video, "Is There Life After Housework?", I'd have to agree!!! I laughed until my cheek muscles ached! He is the father of six children, and had plenty of tips and time savers, to help in your housekeeping.

His website link:
has lots of helpful tips and advice! If you really need to get "re-inspired" to clean, Don Aslett's books are the place to start!



Get Organized!

One of the best books to get inspired in cleaning is, "Is There Life After Housework?" (available on VHS as well). The first "decluttering" book to read is, "Not For Packrats Only". These will be the first two books I'd recommend to start with. Before long, you'll "be hooked", and reading more of his books! They are full of humour and wisdom! They may be available at your local library as well.

Hope this will motivate you in your role as homemaker this week and in the weeks to come! His books and video really inspired our family!

Organizing Annie