Monday, January 11, 2010

Body Composition Monitors - A new way of measuring your fitness progress!

This past Christmas our family invested in a Tanita "Body Composition Monitor". We replaced our weigh scale with this fitness monitoring device. Why? Because a weigh scale only measures your weight, not your body composition. If you are serious about getting fit this year, I highly recommend investing in one to track your fitness progress this year. Your body weight can fluctuate due to various factors and this device will provide your more detailed measurements to more accurately reflect your fitness progress. Muscle weighs more than fat, so if you are getting fit, tracking your body weight can become discouraging and can be misleading. It's time to focus on fitness, instead of tracking only your body weight. Before you invest in a monitor, you may wish to consider the various options available to you: a basic body composition monitor, a segmental body composition monitor, or a wireless body composition monitor.

Body Composition Monitors (for home use)

The FREE downloadable "Body Composition Tracking Charts" are at:

If you would like to use a "Segmental Body Composition Chart" go to:

"The Segmental Body Composition Monitor"
will provide you with body composition readings for your arms, legs and trunk. The Ironman Segmental Body Composition Monitor is at:

This monitor is recommended for more detailed measurements and retails for approximately $299.99 USD.

If you are interested in wireless technology, the new BC-1000 is a wireless body composition monitor:

A chart comparing the various body composition monitors available from Tanita is at:

A basic body composition scale sells for $99.99 such as the BC-534:

This body composition scale is not significantly more in price than a precise digital body weight scale. If you are considering investing in a new body weight scale, I highly recommend the investment in a "Body Composition Monitor"!

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