Thursday, November 03, 2005

My new organizational binder........

I am quite excited to tell you ladies about my new "organizational binder" that I just set up! I was recently given a cheque from my parents, for a birthday gift, so I put it towards a new leather ring binder, with a zippered closure! It is made by "Aurex Prestige", and has a 3-ring binder with a 1" ring inside. It has exterior and interior pockets, that are large enough to hold my favorite books, my pocket calendar, etc. I purchased 30 days worth of schedules, and "to do" lists, that can be inserted inside. I already had the "to do" template from Margreet, but will be able to use the binder to "brainstorm" ahead, and plan out my days with the hourly schedules. The UPC code is 58472 10237 for the binder (Model PFL-237).

The website link for this item from Aurex is:

The 8 1/2" X 11" insert pages are made by "DAYRUNNER", and are called,
"Daily Planning Pages" (#491-120BL) .

The website link for DAYRUNNER is:

Hopefully this tool will assist me in my goal of "getting organized" and "staying organized"!!

Organizing Annie