Monday, November 21, 2005

Using the "50 in 15" method with your laundry...........

After folding multiple loads of wash, and putting these items away, I have come to this conclusion about the 50 in 15 principle for laundry (which equals on average about one load of laundry)

1) It takes on average, 30 minutes to fold and put away 50 items.
2) If you set your timer for 15 minutes, try to fold 25 items, and put them away.
3) Set your timer for another 15 minutes, and fold 25 items and put these away.
4) If you don't have 50 items to fold and put away in 15 minutes, try to put away one load of wash in 30 minutes or less.
5) Count large items such as bed sheets, for 5 items. (My kids negotiated this one with me, since they earn money for folding wash!!) Large items take more time to fold.

This method enabled me to do 7 X 50 in 15s today!! I used a timer, and even with a few minor interruptions, I was able to get all the items folded in 3.5 hrs.!! Therefore I felt that this system was fairly accurate, since I tested it out today!!

Hoping you have some fun, folding your laundry, and "beating the timer"!!

Organizing Annie