Monday, December 12, 2005

Are you feeling depressed? (Here's a solution!!)

Are you feeling depressed? It could be that you are not being exposed to enough natural light!! I recently heard an excellent speaker at a teachers' convention, regarding "Broad Spectrum Lighting", for indoors. There are many individuals, who due to work and lifestyle factors, are not getting enough natural light, which can lead to depression, and other harmful side-effects. Indoor lighting, such as fluorescent lights, can lead to behavioral problems, headaches, and other negative effects, due to narrow spectrum lighting. What is the solution? Incandescent bulbs are better for you than fluorescent bulbs (since they cover more of the spectrum) but "broad spectrum lighting" is the best!! You could minimize the effects of poor exposure to natural lighting, by investing in a "broad spectrum" light. The link to the speaker's site is:

There may be other "broad spectrum light" suppliers available in your community, by phoning around to health supply stores, or lighting shops in the yellow pages.
You can also find these on ebay. Another helpful site with information on the popular "GoLite" is:

Be sure to verify if the lights are authentic "broad spectrum lights". This may be the solution to fighting "the blues"!! I know a woman who suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.), and uses one of these lights in her laundry room, and has the light on, while she folds the wash, since she spends considerable time, ironing, and folding clothes there. It has made a very postive impact in her life, so I thought it might be helpful to pass this information on to others, who it might be of assistance to! This might be a great gift idea!