Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Re: How to "stay on track"!

Question: Which timer do you have? THANKS!

Answer: We have three timers that we use. Here is a brief description of each timer, and what we use them for:

1) A "Springfield - Precise Time" - Timer (great for exercising!!)
It actually records seconds too!! We used this one for "Circuit Training" at home, since the kids and I made a "circuit", with skipping ropes, a stepper, exercise mats, an exercise bike, exercise tube, etc. (We work out for 30 seconds at each station, and then switch, when this timer beeps.) The exercise tube (or "resistance" cord) is called a "Sissel Fit-Tube" from (We purchased it at a fitness supply store.)
We use the specialized exercise squares, for "recovery" stations, for running.

2) The timer on my "50 in 15 Organizing Ladies" website, is a basic digital timer with hours and minutes. I slip this into a small leather pouch that I wear on my belt, so it won't "reset" while I work. (If I slipped into my apron pocket, it would often get bumped, and stop! ) I like it, since we can even use it as an alarm clock, by setting it for the number of hours to sleep!

3) A "Farberware" black digital timer: My DD16 likes to use this timer that records hours and minutes as well. She is totally "into" using a timer, and tries to beat the "50 in 15" with the laundry,etc., and I'm sure is setting "new world records" in laundry folding....LOL!!! (It really motivates her to use the timer!!)

Our three timers, we purchased at Canadian Tire. We have really enjoyed using them! They seem to have a good collection of digital timers there.

~ Annie