Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Using the index cards with the albums (another idea!!)

Yesterday I was in the office supply store and saw that they carried 4" X 6" index cards!! This was an amazing discovery for me, since I had recommended putting the index cards into a photo album, to control them better. (You just put them in order, slide them into the photo slots, and "flip" the pages as you go through your day!)Since many of you will probably have trouble finding albums that hold 3" X 5" index cards (like I did), this may be the solution!! I found that I could glue several reminders ("to dos") onto each card. My cards are "color-coded", so I can glance at them quickly, and the colors help remind me what the card is for. It has been the BEST home management system I have used yet. That is what I am promoting it!! I glued the "Steps vs. Time" (pedometer chart), onto the last page of my album, so I can check the chart throughout the day, to see how I am doing with my steps.

Hope this helps you out!!

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~ Annie