Thursday, January 05, 2006

"10 Second Tidy!!!"

A lady introduced me to the "10 Second Tidy" this week. I had NO clue what it was!!! For those of you who are "green behind the ears" with regards to this phrase, this is what it means: (Before unexpected guests come to your home........)

~A shove of items under the couch.....
~A stash of items under the bed......
~A stack of dishes into the oven..... (Don't forget to take them out, later!)
~A stash of items into the closet......

The rest is up to your imagination!!!

I had NO idea, that this was called the "10 Second Tidy", but my kids or I have been guilty of one or more of these items on this list, on various occasions!!!

Do any of you have anything to add to this post??? (ie. Has this ever happened to you???) Do you have any humourous stories to share?????

Organizing Annie