Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Re: "CHALLENGE TO PLAY" (Are you taking time for "brain workouts"???)

Well, I decided the word search books I had at home were too large to carry around, so I found one, that will keep me busy for awhile! This one is virtually pocket size (large print, for us over 40!) and I can stash it in my purse as I dash out the door! I plan to take it with me to the poolside this weekend, while 6 of my kids take their swimming lessons. That way I can exercise my brain! For those of you who missed the first post that opened this discussion, you may wish to check out the links on the importance of doing "brain workouts". It will definitely improve your memory! For us "forgetful types", we need ALL the help we can get! (It only cost me $2.00 at the Dollar Store and will provide hours of entertainment!)

Now to "beef up" this challenge a bit, how about SETTING A TIMER, and seeing how fast you can complete each search???? Try set a record (for yourself), and then "beat the previous record"???

Organizing Annie


"THE "CHALLENGE TO PLAY" (my previous post in case you missed it!!!)

"Play - believe it or not, playing games helps your memory. Crossword puzzles, word searches, and other games help with information recall."


"The old saying "use it or lose it" describes the aging memory. Some activities that are recommended for maintaining memory as one ages are crossword puzzles and word searches. Proper nutrition entails getting the correct amounts of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and trace elements that the body needs as it ages. A good physical exercise program helps to maintain overall general health."


The article below, is about a girl called Jennifer, who is a post-brain tumour survivor, who works on "word searches, puzzles and writing to people" to
improve her memory! (ie. Posting to this site, is great for improving your memory!)'word%20searches%20%20short%20term%20memory'

As a teacher, I have always given my students wordsearches or puzzles to do, if they had finished their work or exams early, and had nothing to do. (Most do not feel like reading after doing a lot of intensive work.) One day, I saw a group of my students in the mall, and had just finished speaking to a woman in the mall, who was in her mid-90s, working hard on some word searches, in the mall eating center! With her consent, I called the students over, to meet and speak with her. She had just bought "another" word-search book from Wal-Mart, and said she works hard on these, to keep her mind sharp. And sharp she was!!! They were SOOOOOO impressed with her!!! She REALLY motivated us to keep up with these "brain puzzles"! As the saying goes, "You lose!!! You don't use it....You lose it!!!" Who would like to join me in the "CHALLENGE TO PLAY"???? (By this, I mean, set aside some time each day, or several times a week, to work on word searches, puzzles, etc.) You could even create your own, for you and your kids, at: I have used this site a lot, as a teacher. It is easy, and fun to use!!! Kids LOVE creating their own word searches and solving them! (PS/ Make sure you proof-read the spelling words, before they print it off, so they do not reinforce wrong spelling.)