Friday, January 13, 2006

Melt pounds away with "The Army Walk"!!!


The "ARMY WALK" is amazing! It literally MELTS the pounds away! If you can do it at least four times a week for 15 - 30 minutes at a time, it will really help to get in shape FAST! My father taught me how to do this walk, when I was a little girl, and late for school. (It was TOO far for me to run all the way!) He said, "DO THE ARMY WALK!" ....and away I went!! (He had learned to do it in the reserves, while he was a teenager. You can keep it up for long distances without getting tired!)


a) 50 paces of running (every time your LEFT foot hits the ground, count one)
b) 50 paces of walking (count the same way) ....this is your "recovery"

I searched for this method of running on the internet, and could only find a few articles similar to it, called, "Fartlek". I found one at the link below:

Please do not do any exercising without the approval of your doctor! Hope this helps you out!

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