Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Favorite Cleaning Supplies

I purchase my favorite cleaning supplies and products, from my favorite cleaning author and inspirational housekeepinig speaker, Mr. Don Aslett!!! He is a best-selling author, and his books have been published in other languages. A humourous one is, "Is There Life After Housework?" (The video by this topic is hilarious!!!) His website, to receive his free newsletter, is:


1) I use professional spray bottles, cleaners, squeegees, etc. It really makes a difference!!! Washing windows with professional tools was one of the best changes I made. He teaches you how do clean professionally in his videos and books.
2) I use toilet mops!!! It sure beats the toilet brushes!!! You can actually clean under the rims with them!!! By pumping the water out of the bowl like he recommends, you actually get the cleaner in contact with the grime, and use less product! (It's not diluted with water.) I used to work as chambermaid, as a student, and we ALL had to use the mops to clean the toilets!
3) I use the refillable bottles!!! It is more economical to refill the sprayer bottles, than to keep buying new ones!!! (ie. Windex) Another point I like, is that I make fewer trips to the store, hunting in the cleaning supplies for cleaning products! If I run out, I just go to my stash of concentrates, and refill my spray bottles! What a time saver!!!

~Thanks to my dear sister-in-law, who introduced me to Don Aslett and his hilarious and helpful housekeeping books!!!