Monday, January 30, 2006

XBX EXERCISES (Great for homeschoolers too!!!)

A FREE download to the XBX (Royal Canadian Airforce Exercises for women), is at this link: (The book is no longer in print, and can be possibly found at used bookstores, or through used on-line bookstores.) I have found an extremely helpful link below:
(Interactive XBX Plan with help to select your target exercise level!!!)

My goal for February is to start up this exercise and STICK to it DAILY!!! I need to get in shape, and I have done these exercises before and know that they work!!! Using the "Army Walk" along with this exercise, I've been able to totally "tone up".

So here this latest challenge of mine..........any takers???? Who will join me????? This exercise program is FREE!!!!!!!

Organizing Annie