Thursday, January 26, 2006

An EXCELLENT Pedometer!!!!

If you are looking for a REALLY accurate pedometer, that is 99% (or more) accurate, I found one, after doing a LOT of research on the internet. It is made by YAMAX, in Japan. (The Japanese were the first to pioneer the "10,000 Steps" program, and we in the west are JUST catching on!!!) The model I bought was a Digi-Walker SW700, and sold through:

(It records steps, calories burned and distance.) It sells for ~$41.99 CAN. funds, and you can purchase replacement parts for it, which most pedometer companies don't do. (This is the only company that I know that does this.) When our clasps broke after two years of use, (my DHs and mine), we ordered new replacement parts for $6.95 each, which is a LOT cheaper than buying a new pedometer! I LOVE my pedometer! It comes with a book, and a safety clasp, so you don't accidentally "flush" your pedometer if it comes off. (Believe me, this DOES happen....since a friend of mine told me that her mother flushed her $50.00 pedometer down the toilet!) :( So, hopefully these tips will help somebody out there!

~Annie :) ~A pedometer group!

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