Thursday, January 26, 2006

Re: Will I Make It?

Shannon wrote: "I am really starting to wonder if I am going to
make it, Ladies. I love my children (ages 3, 2, and 5 months). We moved about a month ago for my husband to begin full-time church ministry. Every room is
still filled with boxes." *************************************************************************************
Annie wrote:

Hi Shannon! I've been through multiple moves with little ones:

Move #1 - with the birth of my second child (six weeks old) ~ 2 kids then
Move #2 -- with the birth of my third child (only days old) ~ 3 kids then International Move #3 -- to Africa with a 18month old ~4 kids then (2 in diapers) International Move #4 -- 7-8 months pregnant with # 5!!!

The worst move was the international move to Africa. I dejunked like mad, and gave away TONS of stuff. I could not have managed without the help of dear friends, relatives, and the prayers of others. God's grace was wonderful!!!


1) Pray, pray, pray!!!
2) Try to get help from somebody! Can you hire a homeschooled teenager to babysit the kids, while you unpack?
3) Is there a relative or a friend who can help you out? 4) Call your church, and let them know you need help! (Someone should be there to help your family out. Many churches have diaconal help.)

My two older daughters are now helping out another young mom (expecting her 3rd) several times a week. They are paid minimum wage, and are thankful to be able to help her out. This may be a solution for you. Keep us posted! You will be in our prayers! I can TOTALLY relate! If you are new to the community, please contact a church to help you. I found a lot of prayer support and help through Aglow:
(An international Christian womens' group, with chapters around the world.)

Organizing Annie