Thursday, January 12, 2006

RE: What's your favorite exercise video?

Wonderful!!! I forgot to mention that we purchased a "Sit-Up Bar" for $19.99 CAN. that clamps to the bottom of a door. I found a website link with the same bar on it, selling for $19.95 US (Free shipping in the USA).

I think most sports outlets sell items like this. My kids LOVE doing "crunchies" with this bar, and it might help flatten my "post baby" tummy!!!



W. wrote: Great idea Annie, We did that too We bought a treadmill and have exercise videos, arm weights, exercise bands, bicycles We do floor exercises, go for walks, rollerskate, etc. When we go to visit my mother in the city, I take my oldest to the ice rink, she loves it.

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I think that Curves is quite expensive, if you add up the monthly fees for a year. I did it, and now invested in some simple equipment, and do our circuit training at home with the kids. (They preferred that I spend the money on equipment we could all use together!!!)

We use: weights, an exercise bike, skipping ropes, a stepper, an exercise tube, exercise mats, squares to jog on, etc.