Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Re: The Bleach Pen (A HUGE laundry help!!!!)

Thanks TZ!!! I found the link for "Tide To Go" at:


Thanks for the helpful warnings and tips about the bleach pen and using (straight) bleach on fabric, with the Qtip and some water! I'll have to try that too!

*************************************************************************************TZ wrote: "Gotta be careful on fabric with the bleach pen. It can ruin fragile fabrics, even bleachable ones, because the pen is so concentrated. I've found that dampening the stain and "painting" it out with a q-tip dipped in straight bleach works well. Remember to wet the stain first, though, and to watch it as it bleaches out -- then rinse the bleach out and wash as usual. Another miracle I've found is Tide To GO. Use it before you wash the item. It must have enzymes because it works wonders on fresh food stains."

Organizing Annie