Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Using the Chore Chart (with fines and younger children)

Here are the two previous posts I made about the "fine jar" and using the chore chart with younger children. Several members missed reading these posts, and e-mailed me about them, so I am resending them. If you would like the chore chart, please e-mail me for it, since attachments will likely be removed through Yahoo. (I will try to attach it, you can check for it, in case you'd like to use it.)


We have used it for years, attached to their bulletin boards. My DD16, said it was THE REASON why she still keeps her bedroom so neat and tidy!!! The list "trained" her to do regular maintenance. When the 3 weeks were over, I would add up the totals, and pay them a small allowance, which was really motivating for them! (If they didn't do the jobs, they were fined double what the payout would have been!) At the end of the week, the child who did the most work, earned all the money in the fine pot too!!! This was a HUGE motivator! You really need to be specific what a "clear win" is, especially if kids have totals that are very close. You may need to "split" the fine jar between them. Write out all the rules BEFORE you start, if you plan to use that method, so there are no problems on "pay day"!!! Our kids LOVED this!!!


At the time we first used the charts, I had a brand new baby (my 5th), and my little girl was ony 4 years old! She LOVED checking off her jobs as she did them. I attached the choreganizers cards with velcro to a vinyl chart. We made a lot of our own cards, since I felt that many jobs were left out of the Choreganizers Charts. We laminated them, prior to sewing on the velcro. She loved to pull off the picture of the job that was finished, and then put it in the plastic "pamphlet" holder rack that we screwed onto the cork bulletin board. It worked quite well!!!

PS/ The link to the "Modified Choreganizers Chart" is in my blogspot, in case you missed my previous post. You may have to "scroll down" to find it:


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