Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The "Bleach Pen" ..... (A HUGE laundry help!!!)

This morning I was ready to get rid of my DS7's sweat shirt, due to all the food, dirt and grass stains on it. I thought that it was "beyond help"! Well, I suddenly remembered the "Bleach Pen" that I purchased several weeks ago, and used it!!! What a miraculous transformation!!! ALL the stains came out, including some "very old" ones, and the shirt came out LIKE NEW!!! This pen is dual-tipped (with a "pen-tip" for precise bleaching, and and a "brush-tip" for bigger spots.) What a HUGE saver!!! I LOVE this pen, since it saves bleaching the entire garment, which you do not want to do, when other colours are on the garment, plus it isn't great for the fabric OR the environment. I wish I had photographed it for a "before" and "after" photo!!!

I found a link for the pen at: http://www.cloroxbleachpen.com

Organizing Annie